Legacy - A Tribute to Rick Nelson

Sep 18, 06:50 PM

Pop Garden Radio Presents: Legacy – A Tribute to Rick Nelson

This tribute was started out of love in 2006 by radio personality, and longtime Rick Nelson fan, Adam Waltemire. The main idea behind the tribute is to share the music of Rick Nelson through the sounds of independent musicians of today.

Artists included in the tribute include Bill Lloyd, Phil Solem, Brian Ray, Rob Bonfiglio, Marty Rudnick, Barry Holdship Four, Jeremy, DC Cardwell, Paul Starling, Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings, Dave Stephens, Gary Pig Gold, Anny Celsi, LaPorte, An American Underdog, the Tickets, Dennis Pickens, Adam Marsland, Popdudes, Steven Wright-Mark, Tony & Anthony Rivers, Ed James, Stratocruiser, Proper Villains and many many more.

The tribute will be released in February 2013

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  1. Hey Adam – just listened to your interview with Sheree Homer. Great, thank you for doing that. You may recall I sent you some good Curb sessions that I had that you didn’t from Rick. You were going to send me a copy of your work, but guess you got busy. I see your CD Legacy to Rick Nelson will be out in February 2013 and I want to be sure to pick one up – as I heard you say it would be in limited release. How can I order it ahead of time? Let me know, thanks,

    Kent McCombs

    Kent · Sep 23, 04:02 PM · #